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Mark Sanchez has prepared for leading the wild horses
Perhaps Mark Sanchez will not be the first quarter of Denver's Wilda, but he is convinced that he should lead the leader.

Just like he did in the New York jet and cheap nfl jerseys from china the Philadelphie, Sanchez invited the wild horse to participate in his pass training camp held in California, cheap nfl jerseys the plug-in, close-end, running guard, and other The quarternel received invitation.

Wild Human External Hand This Ni-Fuler (Bennie Fowler) told reporters: "This means he wants to come to this team, he knows us. I think this is very good, this can help us to compete. "

It is reported that the training camp continued from Monday to Wednesday, there will be tactical courses, running route parsing, and pass route analysis, this participant will not have an eagle player.

At present, the wild horses are still seeking their own first quarter-off, apparently Sanchez also hopes to get the first hair.