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Jerry - Jones believes Cowboys playoff popular
Now the Dallas Cowboys to a 2-1 record of feeling gradually return to court, cheap jerseys free shipping but team owner Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) that their team has the potential to take the title.

When the experts and enthusiasts to discuss the playoffs, the Cowboys are always excluded wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys from china this list, Jones thought it was a crime. Jones and cheap nfl jerseys a team spokesman said, "Cowboys playoff potential is looked down upon."

He said: "We have demonstrated our ability is what people want to see, so that puts us in perspective than people are foolish, we will unite to put our people together. the injury is serious, we have to face Henry - Milton (Henry Melton) leave, Ronald - Mike Klein (Rolando McClain) leave, Kraft had to play tackle, but why? because Anthony - Spencer left a great impact, and now the team is now the worst moment. "

"When Justin - Durant (Justin Durant) return, 麦克克拉恩 back to linebacker, we get the three or four best defensive players, this is the last 3 games that are not, that it is important, I think Tony - Romo (Tony Romo) time is up, I enjoyed the race track in front of our offensive performance of the group, we should get the attention they deserve. "

In fact, wholesale Seattle Seahawks jerseys if after the Saints defeated the Cowboys into the playoffs really have the capital, but not all would be premature conclusion.