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Xiu Xikhel - Trustersi still opened the 97 year
New Xiumell Trubisky and Chicago bear completed the contract, meaning that he will become a millionaire. But when he completed the contract, he still opened a very old car.

This rookie recently opened the still 170,000 miles of the 1997 version of Toyota Camry. In fact, when the team manager Ryan Pace, Ryan Pace once made him promised to train this car to go back and forth in the new car training camp.

US time on Thursday, Tusbuski obviously abide by his promise, which is reported that this car belongs to his grandmother.

For a car close to 200,000 miles, it is really a thing that will be surprised from North Carolina to Illinois. Why do the Turbuski have to open this old car? Interview with CBS reports: "I am a simple person, this is what I have always been, this is how I grow up, insist on doing myself, knowing what I am going in direction."

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