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The ram announced that Falls returned to the first lineup
Saint Louis Ramctor Jeff Fisher announced that since the quartz-Keenum case kenum fails to detect brain shock, Nick foles will return First, served as quadruption in this week with Cincinnati Tiger.

In the past week, Karnam's brain shock problem once became the focus of the attention of the outside world. In the absence of brain shock, the ram still did not change him and was questioned wholesale jerseys from china the media and alliance. At present, wholesale nfl jerseys online the ram has suffered a 3-game losing, wholesale New England Patriots jerseys free shipping and the next opponent is Meng Hu and Arizona, the team has lost the opportunity to impact the playoffs.

In the past two weeks, nfl jerseys the offensive front line of the ram was frequently injured, which also brought unprecedented pressure to Todd Gurley. Galley gradually cools after the strong start. Fisher said, hoping to activate Galley again through the adjustment of the entire offensive group. This also means that other players need to come forward.