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Rewick will choose in patriots and jets
Darrelle Revis will become the most expensive corner of the market in the future. The previous New England Patriot refused his renewal requirements cheap jerseys for sale his $ 20 million, but this does not mean that he is impossible. Go back to the patriot, according to Rewick, he will make choice between the Patriot and New York jet.

According to reports, the jet currently has millions of salary spaces. They urgently need a corner, so they will strive to win Retis, Rewick is selected by the jet in 2007, nfl jerseys and then becomes in the jet The top corner guard of the league, then traded to Tampawan pirate in 2013, and then traded to the patriot, and won his first super bowl.

Although the patriot will not give prices to exceed the jet, Revers may choose to renew with the patriot, but he also likes the city of New York, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale the Wishwers you wish.