3D Mink False Lashes

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Mink Eyelashes are product of actual mink fur, specially designed for beauty lovers who like extra pure artificial eyelashes. The tails of the mink are gently brushed to collect the fur, which is correctly sterilized and cleaned afterward to guarantee the top quality of the extensions and to reduce the potential for an allergy to a minimum. The mink will not be harmed in any method throughout the process. Mink False Lashes are normally disinfected and made into hypoallergenic eyelashes.

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Normally it's 1 usd each in the event you make 100 to 200 boxes ,and the in the event you make a bulk order ,that can a lot cheaper, and if you buy the lashes together, you'll be able to ask for a low cost.
And for those who order the card-board magnetic field, that will somewhat bit costly than paper field .

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