5 Reasons Why We All Must Read

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Hey did know notice our teachers, our family, our elders and some geeky friends all of them push us to read.
But the question is why one should read? What difference does it make? Well we often underestimate the power of reading habit. Stories, poems, articles, books, etc. Is not my cup of tea right? Well I would again act like a snob like rest of the world and would advise you to read and I am going to put forward some amazing reasons that would make you feel like a potato if you do not read.

1. Reading enhances your personal relations

The one who reads can understand people and situations much better than those who never bother to date books. Be it a love relation or friendship a reader would always be the king of understanding and dealing with people.

Books have an altogether different world to offer, a world of deeper individual insights. When you read a novel you not just receive the information on various lives and matters that you have not experienced but you get a chance to relive them in your own imagination. It has been even said that reading a sonnet is looking through a keyhole.

2. Gives you a break from monotony of life

Reading short stories, Commencement Items poems etc would give you a chance to live a different life. It gives you a chance to even live your dreams in your imagination, it might be illusionary but soothing illusions make us positive and drives positivity and optimism in your life.
A reader can always kill boredom at low cost with his/her books, and this entertainment is handy. Isn't that cool?

3. Readers are considered to be intelligent and hence respected

If I tell you that you will be respected, there is no one who would feel bad about that.

So yeah a reader is always respected by everyone, be it old school guys or the new stylish ones. A reader is taken to be someone knowledgeable and intelligent. Oh! Yeah I know you wanna impress those ladies, so rush to the book store dude!

Books can be antidepressant

Oh! Well yeah you read it right. Studies have proved that reading good books can act as antidepressants. You will forget all your worries and tantrums when you pickup a book and you are lost in it. Give your senses a ride into another world.

5. They are cheaper source of entertainment

If you are broke or lack funds for entertainment, trust me get a pile of good novels and you may buy it for cheaper rates in shops for used book. No going out, hectic travel or requiring a company, you know people don't always turn up.

So pick up the books and get going.

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