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10 for the 1992 season BB: It's really, you think about people like that and Paul and Vince Lombardi and Sid Gillman and every picture I think of them as next to a projector with the film running. I have still a lot of films in my personal possession. I don't even know if I could, I have nothing to watch them on. Her EC title match was against Cameron of all flippin people and she managed to make it somewhat entertaining through mocking cheerleader routines and selling a superkick in a way Ziggler would find excessive.

That sweet promo for discount baseball jerseys China her Wrestlemania match was fantastic and even though she hasn been handled like we wanted her to (and the finish was botched), in terms of the moment reactions Paige coming up the RAW after Mania and wholesale nfl jerseys China beating AJ for the title was a huge moment that AJ was perfect in helping a new talent up. Couple that with some solid matches she had since her return (SummerSlam match was packed and stiff looking for such a short time, NOC triple threat) and cheap jerseys China always great commentary work, cheap nfl jerseys from China I say she should at least not be in the Worst category (not when Eva Marie and Rosa are still performing, at least).